Week 32 Stats

How Far Along:  32 Weeks  

Baby size and random info: Baby is just about 4 pounds and almost 18 inches. She is busy practicing kicking, swallowing, and other essential functions. She is gaining a lot more weight now and filling out!

Symptoms: Swelling has subsided for the most part. I still get sausage toes (Thanks Sam for the delicate way of naming my body parts as they swell beyond imagination) and every now and again get a bit of ankle swelling. I try to keep up with my water intake and balance time on and off my feet. We went to the gun show this weekend and after 2 hours of stop and go walking around looking at ammo and exploding metal pieces, I noticed my hands hurting and looked down to see that I was unable to remove my wedding ring from my finger. Swollen much?! Little one kicks up a storm. We think it is her booty sticking straight up at my mid-tummy point. I feel kicks to the left and right with a little bit of rotation in between. Another symptom I’ve come to notice is the scarring on my face being more apparent. Perhaps it’s just me aging or something to do with the hormones. I had bad heartburn this week to the point where I couldn’t physically lay down anymore and had to walk around in the wee hours of the morning for it to subside. I feel tired. 

How I’m feeling: Feeling okay. Yesterday afternoon Sam and I spent outside burning trash and mowing the yard. I had to take a few breaks due to some stretching and minor aches in my lower abdomen. I took it easy the rest of the night. As I type this, I’m sniffling and feeling like I’m on a boat rocking back and forth in the frothy ocean. I’m sick. Not morning sickness sick, but regular sick. It wasn’t due to allergies or being outside…this has been going on a few days. Gah. Emotionally I feel pretty stable. Sam’s skills at communication and problem solving have evolved wonderfully over the years and it is apparent to me how much he loves me. He genuinely wants to help make me feel better and is willing to do anything to do just that. I request back rubs and foot massages and just knowing he wants to help and is doing something for me makes me feel better. I trust going through labor with him by my side will calm me. He’s such an amazing husband. 

Week’s highlights: We visited the gunshow yesterday. Sam and I also played some new games together which was fun! Little one kicked me so hard yesterday I stopped dead in my tracks. She hadn’t kicked THAT hard or in THAT place (lower left abdomen). I imagine I have fun times like that to look forward to. My mom was kind enough to send a ‘welcome to your new home’ letter and we received it this week. It really was a nice surprise. I love snailmail. Sam bought me yellow flowers and they brighten up our home so much. We’ve agreed on a name but are coming up with a few other alternates just in case we change our minds when we meet little lovie. 

Boy or Girl? Girl! I’ve been having dreams that what we thought was a girl will turn out to be a boy upon delivery. Wouldn’t THAT be a surprise?

Cravings: No major cravings. I eat fruits, veggies, soup, sandwiches, protein shakes, and occasionally venture into other foods. I know now that I must eat a heavy lunch and skimp the rest of the day, for if I try to eat anything other than a small healthy meal (baked potato, fruit, salad, etc) around dinner time, I’ll be up all night with heartburn and in pain. 

Worries/Concerns: I’m beginning to become concerned about the after effects of having a baby, such as how my body will change, what will go on down there and what recovery will be like, my attitude towards sex, taking interest in working out, or even of going to the bathroom. I pray daily for a safe and healthy continuation of this pregnancy and of a healthy safe delivery. I am keeping a positive mindset. 

Goals and What I look forward to: I definitely look forward to our appointment tomorrow with the Birth Center. Knowing we have a midwife to call and a place to go certainly sets our minds at ease. I am hoping for a safe surgery for Sam on Wednesday (He gets more pins inserted into his broken pinky). I look forward to starting to teach my little one how to cook and bake, how to clean and how to have fun. I know Sam is getting anxious to start teaching little one how to work on vehicles and how to shoot a bow. 


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