Week 31 Stats


How Far Along:  31 Weeks!  

Baby size and random info: Baby is roughly 3 pounds 8 ounces and is 16 inches long. Little one is moving around a lot still and stretching out those limbs. Fat is accumulating on her body and will continue to for the remainder of the pregnancy, which means no wrinkly baby anymore! Lungs are still growing stronger. Baby knows my voice by now!

Symptoms: A little bit of skin itchiness on my belly. Been lathering up the lotion twice a day! I’ve felt a lot more clumsy lately. I seem to drop things and even have found myself off balance a few times. I suppose I’m still getting used to this baby! I am more affected by foods now, not being able to eat much more than a bowl of grapes or a sandwich before getting full. I still eat a lot of fruits…mainly grapes and apples nowadays but have moved into plum-realm. The extra weight is taking a toll on my feet. I generally have sore feet by the end of the day and Sam is such a sweetheart to massage my aching feet! What a thoughtful hubby. 

How I’m feeling: This week was a bit better for me emotionally. I finished the top of the tee shirt quilt. I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t throw Sam a huge honkin’ birthday party for his birthday last Tuesday. We don’t really have a group of friends yet and we are tight on budget, so I made him a mini cake made out of two cookies and some frosting. Hey…you do what you have to.  I pay more attention to my attitude and my demeanor. Often I feel as if I’m just kinda grumpy and mumbley but I want to change that! Physically, I am tired and wear out pretty early (if 10pm can be considered early). I still keep up with my squats and arm workout nearly every night.

Week’s highlights: Sam had his birthday! Little one has been moving so much more lately. It’s so neat to feel her kick and move. Usually she hangs out on my right side but there’s been something bony and round poppin’ up towards the left middle side of my belly lately. She’s probably just shifting around. The Charleston Birth Center tour was wonderful. It was also really nice to be able to spend so much extra time with Sam since he got home around 2pm daily last week from his combatives class and since he had nearly a 4 day weekend! Sam and I also set up the nursery! YAY!

Boy or Girl? Little girl!

Cravings:  I like to enjoy a frozen drink more nowadays. I ran out of instant chai latte mix and can’t find any at the store (still need to look at walmart or the commissary). I bought some ovaltine for chocolate frozen smoothies. Yum! I stick to fruit a lot of the time and venture into sandwiches or chicken every once and again.

Worries/Concerns: Still don’t have a doctor/birth location. Will call about an appointment at the Birth Center later today. Starting to wonder (again) if we are prepared for this emotionally and ready to take on this huge blessing and task of raising another life. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to do it with. Not like it’s a huge thing, but birth is looming over me at this point. I am starting to get the drift that it could happen at any point, really. A few lady friends from my mommy group have already had their babies and I am realizing just how unpredictable life can be. 

Goals and What I look forward to: I look forward to getting our doctor/birth location secured. That will put my mind at ease. I hope to finish unpacking the house at some point this month (eeeek). I look forward to getting a mower so we can take care of the jungle starting to form in our front lawn! We have waving weeds that sway in the wind. I think it’d be awesome to do another one of those 4D ultrasounds at this point to see her, but more so I look forward to actually holding her and looking on her face when I have her in a month or two. 


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