Nursery and Cloth Diapers on the Line!







So bare…So blank…So BLUE. Here is the start of our nursery. I steamed the carpets and we painted the walls white to cover up the hideous beige with scuffs.



Plenty of sunlight! Will have to invest in some dark curtains for little one so she doesn’t rise EVERY morning with the sun…



Sam starting to assemble the crib! Pax is of course supervising.



Almost done!




Sam had to test out how well our pack and play would work as a changing table for little one. Pax wasn’t all that happy to be there…she was volunteered for the task.




Our crib and makeshift changing table.




The swing and carseat/stroller got assembled later that night. I started moving in clothes and other goodies from the shower and gifts from friends. I think we’ll need another dresser to put things in!




Pax approves of the diaper station. We will be doing cloth diapering the majority of the time but want to use up the disposable diapers when we plan on being gone for long periods of time and out and about. 




Speaking of cloth diapering…

While going through the nursery and sorting through clothes, I found the bag of cloth diaper inserts that my sister lent to me. I went ahead and washed them and hung them out on the line! 


Baby Butt Covers all in a row!



My mom was right. It could be a very therapeutic thing for me to hang and see all those little cloths up on the line. That, and I love the smell and feel of clothes dried by the sun and breeze. 




It was bright outside and there was a slight cool breeze while I was hanging these up on the line. As I was hanging them, I couldn’t help but just smile at how wonderful of a view this was– endless sky above me with cloth and pins hanging on the edges of the sky. It was such a heartwarming view, I had to share.




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