Examples of T-Shirt Quilts I’ve done.

Here are a few of the t-shirt quilts I’ve done. I don’t have them all pictured, sadly, but here is what I do have available!

For tutorials on how to make a t-shirt quilt, click here! 



This was my first t-shirt quilt. It was a college memory quilt. King Size.


A race-car themed throw size quilt for my nephew.


Here is the first t-shirt quilt before quilting, just the quilt top.


The importance of correct measuring and sewing is seen to the top left of the grey Baylor square.


My third or fourth finished tee shirt quilt. This one was fun. I am proud of it!


This the quilt top of the tee shirt quilt, not finished.

I also completed a cancer memory quilt with pink sashing that was an oversize king. The one I am currently working on is a memory quilt for the same woman who asked for the grey k-state quilt.

Really, creating t-shirt quilts is fun. The whole process is a bit tedious but worth it.
The finished product is professional quilted.  I have to say, the finished result is worth it–seeing the reaction on the client’s face!  These quilts are not cheap quality and it is reflected in what I charge for them. Be prepared to pay a good amount for a good t-shirt quilt or any quilt in general. If the memories are worth it, the quilt is worth it.


12 thoughts on “Examples of T-Shirt Quilts I’ve done.

      1. What do you use on the back of yours. I want really nice soft material but not flannel as my son would get too hot

  1. Hi. I was wondering how much you charge for lap throw size quilts. I have a bunch of tee shirts of my husbands. He was killed in a motorcycle accident and I thought about giving our children a lap throw made out of them – you know? I don’t know how many tee shirts I have; there’s a bunch. At any rate, I didn’t know the price of a lap throw. I didn’t see it anywhere in your price listing. Thank you. Jo Ann

    1. Hi Jo Ann, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. What a touching gift for your children! A smaller lap quilt would be less than a twin. Thank you!

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