Charleston Birth Place

Been working on a tee shirt quilt today! See?

ImageDumb mutt decided she wanted to help too…by sleeping right where I needed to step. 

I tell ya, leaning over that table and ironing board for hours on end really sucked. I took breaks and stretched, but it was still a back killer! I wrapped that up in anticipation for the coming evening!

Tonight was Sam and my tour/orientation for the Charleston Birth Place. I was so excited for it and the session was really wonderful!

We arrived at the birth center a few minutes ahead of 7pm and sat down in the lobby with the orientation clipboard. I filled it out and scoped out the other people and the room. There were four other couples and us. The center’s lobby was clean and smelled so fresh–very inviting. 

The nurse midwife, Lesley, got our attention and started the orientation. She discussed all different aspects of pregnancy, hospitals vs birth centers, and labor/birth. She was so very informative. Interspersed with her facts and statistics were bits of humor and real life applications. I liked her. She reminds me of an older Maggie Gyllenhaal. 

She also discussed the pain relief options they offer at the center, including sterile h2o injections in addition to nitrous oxide. I had no idea those two options were in existence. As I said, it was a very informative meeting! 

We toured the facility, walking past the breastfeeding/lactation room and one of their checkup rooms. They have a large lending library of books and documentaries that I look forward to using. Lesley suggested we don’t read the books What to Expect When Expecting in addition to The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy. I haven’t read What to Expect but I’ve read the Girlfriend’s Guide. I wonder why she said that? 

The center’s nurse midwives take on hands off approach—low interventions and encouraging the moms to take hold of their pregnancy and take their own weight/food logs. I think it’s an awesome idea. 

The center has a total of 3 birthing rooms with two of those having the birthing whirlpools. The rooms are very large and comfortable. The tubs even have lights in them that change colors/moods and star projectors for ambiance. Lesley encourages all mothers in labor to bring food and drinks of their own choosing in addition to music and any type of aromatherapy candles that they would want. It seems like a laid back environment. I liked it a lot. 

After birth, baby stays in the room with mom and dad and as soon as everyone is secure, you are released. The nurses then set up a home visit the next day or two to come over to your house to check up on you, do an exam, and answer any questions you might have. They also do 1 week and 6 week check ups, as far as I understand. 

Not only reputable but comforting, the birth center seems like the kind of place that would suit my goals and wants with labor and delivery.

A girl in the group brought up her fears about delivery and how she is scared. Given, she’s only 6 weeks along and still has time to research and learn more, but it brought to my mind how I felt that early on.

I have always been a natural remedy type of person…one of those people who would rather suffer for some hope that it will benefit the martyr later in life somehow. It really is rare of me to take medicine (I will note that I allowed myself to take Zofran for morning sickness only for fear of not doing anything and having to go to the hospital with tubes and iv’s and other crap for dehydration…nope. Not happening). 

Being such a hippie, I knew I wanted a natural birth. 


Let me rephrase that.

I knew I wanted an unmedicated and very low intervention type of birth. A lot of people misconstrue the word natural to mean vaginal birth. That’s not all I want. I want to face the demon head on. I want to look at the mountain and know that somehow through the grace of God and surrender of myself to the pain, I will bring a child into the world. I ask God for strength and courage, patience and stamina to do it. I will attend to alternate methods if the medical emergency arises.

I cannot fathom being poked and prodded and lying on a table for labor and delivery in the sterility of a hospital room. I would tense up and be so uncomfortable. I would feel like a lamb being sent to the slaughter. Heck, if the doctors got bored of me and decided to start slicing and dicing me up just to have something to do, it would be a slaughter.

I much would prefer the quiet calm of the birth center (or at home, if Sam would allow me) to the stiff hospital routine. I will need to call and switch from Tricare Prime to Tricare Standard (an easy process, so I am told) and then set up an appointment with the birth center.

By the way, it’s been TWO FREAKING MONTHS since I have been seen by a doctor. Two. Months. 

Sam and I, by the way, have narrowed down our name choices. Yes, I am tempting you with a piece of candy that you cannot have right now. We are still deciding if we want to set the name in stone or if it still needs tweaking. Either way, it’s a wonderful name that will suit our style.

So. There you have it. My ramblings and rants. It’s late. I’m tired. MUST….HAVE……SLEEEEEEEEEEP! 




2 thoughts on “Charleston Birth Place

  1. Thanks for writing this! I’m looking for info for myself and this was helpful. I’d love to talk to you about CBP and Tricare Standard. Could you please email me? Thx!

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