First, let me say that Sam was one heck of a cute little boy.



I mean, look at that face! 





Okay. So now that the cutesy crap is out of the way…


One of my favorite pictures is of my moms and me. My mom is on the left and Sam’s mom is on the right. This picture was taken while we were in the stands at Sam’s BMT (basic military training) graduation.





I don’t have any other pictures of my moms and me. I kinda wish I did.

I was born with my mom but inherited Sam’s mom when I married him. My mom raised me and was there for me all throughout my childhood years and Sam’s mom took me in while Sam and I dated (and even when Sam and I were broken up) and has been ma ever since. 

As a child, I see the value in my mothers’ wisdom. She seems to know how to fix every scrape and bruise, she has a good answer for any question, and tackles any problem. I have two great moms to look up to and can learn so many things from both of them.

There’s always that doubt of whether I’ll be a good mom or not, of whether I’ll be a success. 

I think more than anything, being a mom means holding on and letting go constantly. 

A mom holds on to her child and protects it as much as she can. She trains her child and encourages her child. She then sets the child free into the world to stand or fall on his or her own feet. It’s like playing with a real life giant size wind up toy—wind up just to set down and let go.

I can imagine how hard it is for a mom to let go of her child into the real world. I will find out soon enough.Before I know it, I will be letting my little girl down onto the floor on her own two feet to try to walk. Then I will be standing at the stairs teaching her how to go up and down them. Next thing I know, I will be kissing her goodbye as she goes away to school. I’ll be letting go of her as she leaves for college (if that’s what she wants) and even kissing her when she moves out or gets married and starts her own life away from the safety and comfort of home.

It must be very difficult to let go of a child. Come on, let’s be real—no one wants to see another person fail or mess up.  ESPECIALLY if this is family. Moms train up kids as best as they can to be set up for success, for a peaceful and joyful life. Equipping children with the best tools possible for life is any mom’s job. I look forward to this task.

















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