Week 30 Stats



How Far Along:  30 Weeks along! 

Baby size and random info: Baby is about 15.5 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds. Her eyesight continues to develop. Baby can open her eyes and nostrils (though she doesn’t breathe yet). Brain is wrinkling and forming more. Fingernails and toenails are fully formed. 

Symptoms: Heartburn ravaged me earlier this week but for the past few days it’s been getting better. I still sleep propped up though. I also am careful to eat my dinner early (before 5pm) and then just snack on grapes or apples later in the night so it won’t upset my stomach. Those little red marks I thought were scratches are indeed itty bitty stretch marks. None on my stomach yet, all on my hippy butt area. Yea, it probably won’t prevent more, but I’ve been drinking water like a fiend and applying palmer’s scar and stretch mark lotion all over my body 3 times a day. I learned that stretch marks are more of a hormonal effect than skin actually stretching. Interesting!

How I’m feeling: This week was pretty rough. I never know who I am going to wake up as: happy go lucky pregnant lady or grumpy agitated self conscious pregnant lady. Sam has been absolutely amazing–first surprising me with new guitar strings and replacing them, he bought me a set of orange and pink roses when I had a bad day, and he even came home one night with frozen hot wings for my next craving. I am utterly blessed. It has got to be hard on husbands of all pregnant women who have to deal with mood swings and cravings.

Week’s highlights: Sam changed my guitar strings for me. That guitar has needed TLC since I first bought it for $50 back in 2004. The rain is such a welcome treat. As I type, I look out the front door and see a foggy mess of green foliage and rain pouring down. Sam and his friend Dave picked up our washer and dryer. They are in GREAT shape and work like a charm. I even was able to hang my first load out on the line to dry and boy howdy did they smell crisp and clean. 

Boy or Girl? Girl girly girl

Cravings:  No major cravings. I Guess this is a good thing. I still love a nice peanut butter and jelly sammich!

Worries/Concerns: Making sure we have a doctor/midwife, training myself to be calm and well informed during all aspects of labor so I can be without fear, and keeping up with my squats/lunges/arm workouts. 

Goals and What I look forward to: Wednesday evening is our tour of the Charleston Birth Center. I am so excited. I am hoping everything works out there and with insurance. Sam’s birthday is tomorrow–the big 26! I may get a chance to see an old friend this weekend and I hoping to make a trip to the beach for some photos later this week. I look forward to taking my maternity shots this week. What else…looking forward to continuing our discussion of baby names. This week is baby clothes/baby diaper week. I’ll be sterilizing/sanitizing baby clothes and starting to hang/fold up baby’s room. 



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