Week 29 Stats



How Far Along:  29 Weeks far! 

Baby size and random info: Baby is about 2.5 pounds and about 15 inches long! Baby is still putting on weight to fill out. Baby’s lungs and muscles are continuing to form and her head is getting big to fit her developing brain! 

Symptoms: Heartburn. I generally wake up halfway through the night with a bout of sour stomach and try to calm myself down til it subsides. I am feeling breathless and find it harder and harder to jog without running out of breath after just 10 seconds. I’ve noticed the beginnings of stretch marks on my hips and below my booty just a bit. Nothing on my stomach yet, but it’s still early. I have been tired a lot more lately as well. I only have a few pairs of pants that fit! Thankfully, no acne. 

How I’m feeling: I feel pretty drained physically and emotionally. I am very relieved that we have a home now. When the heartburn flares up, I feel icky. As odd as it is, I wake up feeling grumpy and sick feeling, at least for the past few days. Feeling really thankful for everything we have.  

Week’s highlights: That we got the house! We were the first ones in the parking lot last Monday morning which paid off in the end. There was a man who arrived in the parking lot of the rental management company about 10 minutes after us and thankfully when they opened for the morning, the woman saw us first because she said she saw us in the parking lot first. The other guy even called them and pestered the realtor for days after offering $100 more a month in rent if he could have it. We are REALLY thankful they are an honest and fair company to take us first and not be greedy. Little one is so busy growing and moving! There’s been a lot of rain and we found out there are walnut, pecan, fig, wild grape, and berry trees/bushes on the property! 

Boy or Girl? Girl

Cravings: I want pizza. I want eggrolls. I want soup. I want a sandwich. Sadly, ALL those things make my heartburn flare up. I don’t know what to eat anymore. 

Worries/Concerns: I am really hoping we like the birth center and can get everything settled in to be seen there from now on. We also need to find a washer/dryer and a riding mower. Small concerns are just vain ones, such as the beginnings of stretch marks and weight gain (up 22) but it all comes with the territory.

Goals and What I look forward to: I look forward to the maternity photos I have planned. I think I am going to wait until I am 30-32 weeks to take them though. I am hoping we can make a trip back to the ocean soon. I look forward to meeting little one. 


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