Who’s gonna take my pictures?

I love my camera. My husband bought me my Canon Rebel while he was gone on deployment in 2009. I picked it up and haven’t put it down since.

I enjoy shooting people.

Yes. Shooting them.

I like to catch people when they don’t expect it. I enjoy adding different views and perspectives to otherwise normal angles. 

I suppose being a photographer gives me license to use my creative abilities while my obsessive compulsive need for control of a situation runs free.

I am in control of the camera.

I am in charge of what people remember about an event. 

I am the one who decides what scene will be remembered about a location or a trip.

All that’s fine and dandy until it comes to an event that I want to be a part of. 

For instance: Birth and baby time after birth in our arms, close ups, etc.

I highly doubt I will have the energy or focus to take creative and memorable pictures after I give birth to our little one.

Who would?! Wouldn’t that be an interesting headline….

“A mountain woman gives birth only moments later to don her Canon Rebel and model her baby. Women around her believe she is crazed and over obsessive, but she claims sanity.”

Am I okay with someone else taking pictures? I don’t have much of a choice, do I? 

I didn’t think about this scenario until now. I will not have control over the pictures taken merely because I will not be the one shooting them. I will have to relinquish control to someone else. 

In the end, it will all wash. I am keeping a positive attitude that labor and delivery for this little one will be normal and healthy and I will be able to bounce into consciousness soon after to relish the moments. 

I don’t know who will take my pictures for me. I hope to have the energy and mind to take my own photographs. When Sam is not oogling over our little bundle, I imagine he will too. 

The whole idea and scenario just came to me and I had to think it through.




As a side note, I realized something yesterday. 


A person should not want what is convenient. A person should want what is best. 



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