Week 28

How Far Along:  28 Weeks (Third Trimester!)

Baby size and random info: According to whattoexpect.com, baby is moving into position for birth–head down–but can continue to move around! Baby is about 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long and is practicing coughing, sucking, and hiccuping. When she sleeps, she has REM. Brain continues to form and develop! 

Symptoms: I feel restless at times, needing to walk around and stay moving rather than just sitting down. I generally feel like I have to pee all the time. Little one kicks and moves constantly. I used to be able to establish a pattern with her movement and kicking (usually occurred mid-day and after 10pm) but now I constantly feel her. As I type, she is squirmin’ around and I even woke up this morning to her movement. Yesterday, I had a laughing fit over it because I was standing there making myself a cup of tea and my belly just started bouncing and shaking. She was moving. Sam came running, confused why I was laughing so hard.

How I’m feeling: I feel tired. After I work out, I generally feel stiff in my lower abdomen. Yesterday was the worst lower abdomen pain I’ve felt to date and I didn’t do anything strenuous–I walked 2 miles at maybe a 3.0 mph pace. Odd. I feel as if I am losing my sanity. I tend to have a harder time remembering things and I often catch myself needing to think of words to say. I am pretty emotionally drained. We’ve been stressed out finding a place to live, about paying all the deposits for our new home, and even about my want for bottled water as opposed to the odd tasting tap water. I have also noticed the worst heartburn I’ve felt in years. I elevate my head and shoulders to try to help and avoid eating too late in the evening. I’m feeling groggy because we are doing a lot of soups and sandwiches as opposed to my usually mother-lode of fruits for breakfasts and lunches.

Week’s highlights: All the rain has been really nice. The humidity is not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. We checked out a couple of homes and turned in an application for one out in the country. I am thankful that we have been so active the past few days with walks and jogs. I feel as if I have exploded in size this weekend. My stomach feels as if it has expanded and baby is growing! Our renters made it to Colorado Springs just fine and so far like the house, so that’s definitely a plus!

Boy or Girl? Girl

Cravings: Meh. Been eating a lot of applesauce lately. Craving peaches, grapes, any juicy fruit.

Worries/Concerns: Finding a place to live is still a worry in addition to finding a doctor. Been stressed lately and can’t seem to shut my mind off. 

Goals and What I look forward to: Continuing walking/jogging is a goal for me. I hope to get settled into a house. It is as if Sam and I are both just shaky and wonky because we don’t have a home. It’s frustrating. I look forward to finding a home. I’m excited to set up the nursery. This week, I look forward to going back to the library and checkin’ out a book or two. 


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