My three meltdowns.

I heard about the dreaded pregnancy hormones that would immediately start raging through my body soon after getting pregnant.

I didn’t believe in it.

Thought it was a myth


I look back and realize that I have have three meltdowns during this pregnancy.

Meltdown 1:

I was tired. I was hungry. I walked to the pantry and fridge, opening and shutting the doors hoping that some new food would magically appear if I wished it. Upon opening the doors, I realized this was not meant to be.

I started crying.

Sam came up to me and asked me what’s wrong. 

I started bawling uncontrollably saying “We have no food to eat.”

Sam replied “We do. Look at all the food.” 

I said between sobs and snot bubbles “No, we don’t have any food to eat.”

He kind of laughed and hugged me while I continued to moan and cry. Apparently at the time nothing looked appetizing and I was very upset about it.

Meltdown 2:

We were out at breakfast with my dad and my sister and her family. It was a breakfast buffet and I wasn’t feeling too hot that morning, so I just wanted peaches.

I got myself a bowl of peaches and took a bite. They tasted like onion.


I didn’t have any breakfast. 

We went home and I started bawling uncontrollably yet again. Sam asked what was wrong and I just couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud.

He kept pressing me to tell him what was wrong and finally between breathless sobs, I wailed “My peaches tasted like onions.” He laughed and hugged me. I had to laugh at myself but couldn’t because of those darned hormones making me sob even harder.

Meltdown 3:

We were driving around today looking for places to rent. Sam was being goofy and it was all in good fun. We were laughing about anything and everything. He found a house he wanted to go check out, one not on my approved list, so we went to visit it. 

We started driving into what was an unsafe neighborhood. Very trashy and ghetto. I get very uncomfortable in places like that because I don’t feel safe or secure. Sam started making fun and saying we were gonna live there and how great of a place it was. He didn’t see how upset I was getting.

Next thing you know, I was bawling. Wailing in the car. Weeping to the point where my eyes were swelling and I couldn’t see. 

He saw how his teasing affected me and said in a joking/loving manner “It’s just because you’re pregnant, ya know.” 

Amidst sobs I said “I’m not pregnant.”

He replied “Maybe you’re pregnant just a little bit.”

I kind of laughed and calmed down.



My meltdowns.




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