Week 27 Stats


The Benefits of Underparenting


How Far Along:  27 Weeks 

Baby size and random info: Almost 2 pounds and nearly 15 inches long! Her brain is continuing to develop and is active. Her lungs are continuing to form as well and would be able to function with help if she were to be born early.

Symptoms: Been experiencing a bit of swelling. I can tell that I get tired a lot more easily now. I went on a run last night with Sam and my abdomen hurt a bit more than usual. Perhaps it’s that growing baby in there?! I haven’t noticed any cravings or anything out of the normal. 

How I’m feeling: Feeling pretty good. We are in South Carolina now and I actually enjoy the humidity. It is good on my skin! I get a bit lethargic and feel a bit swelly. Feeling ready to get settled into a routine here!

Week’s highlights: I was taking a nap yesterday and felt a weird pain in my mid belly. I put my hand near my belly button and felt something sharp-ish (as sharp as it could be for being a part of baby!). I figure it was an elbow or foot or something. I just had to laugh. She is kicking and moving constantly. I really enjoy it–it reminds me she’s okay and that she’s there. We made it to Charleston safe and sound. It’s been raining daily here and I have been enjoying it!

Boy or Girl? Girly girl girl.

Cravings: Nope. None that I notice, really.   

Worries/Concerns: Finding a place to live and my new doctor will be a priority. Now that we’re here in Charleston, I’m seeing how far it is to hospitals and generally to everything else, so I suppose I am mildly concerned about distance to the hospital when I go into labor. I’ve gained 20 pounds in 27 weeks. I am trying to hold steady here and maintain a healthy diet with lots of water and walking! 

Goals and What I look forward to: I look forward to going to the beach again. I really enjoy the beach–at least just hanging out there and running on the sand. I look forward to finding our home and getting settled in there and setting up the nursery! I have a tee shirt quilt to finish and a few other projects to do. I also am excited to go to our next baby appointment, whenever that is, so we can maybe see little one. 


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