Our run.

I have a feeling I am going to like running here in South Carolina.

I have images of Sam and I running with the jogging stroller and little one inside.

I really look forward to it.

Can you believe I am entering the third trimester next week? I will be 28 weeks along. 

We are absolutely flabbergasted that we will have a little one soon. Amazing. 


We went on a run tonight. Here is the tale.



Wasn’t looking forward to the run.

Didn’t feel too excited about getting bit by mosquitoes. 

I don’t usually mind getting all sorts of hot and sweaty in the muggy humidity.

In fact, I like the humidity. It reminds me that I can in fact sweat, as opposed to the dry heat of Colorado.


We grabbed the mutts and walked outside.

Not a fan of jogging past groups of men and women, I wanted to avoid the uniform clad group hanging in the park. 

I was getting weary. 

It’s not that I hate running. It’s that I like to run at my own pace and gait–which often looks to outsiders like I am walking with style.


Sam suggested a wilderness trail. 

I looked at the entrance into the trail and figured it’d be cheesy and dumb, as my mood was. 

I hesitantly agreed and Sam took off running.

I started jogging.


The entrance was a green grass trail cutting through tall dark trees that reached for the vanishing clouds. 

As I jogged through and into the woods, the dank smell of the forest overtook me. 

I breathed deep the dirt, the grass, the musty earth smell.

In heaven, I was. 


We ran on and on, winding through the forest. The sun was nowhere to be seen, hidden by the trees above. 

The shadows followed me through the forest and we ran in shade.

Leaves, mulch, and tree branches cracked beneath my feet.

Locusts and frogs hummed and burped all around me.

I couldn’t get enough.


As we ran on, I looked up once and happened to be passing underneath a spiderweb and saw the silhouette of a giant leggy spider. 

I said ‘nope,’ and kept running.


We even ran down by a still creek. At any moment, I was afraid of falling down into the green brown water. It was as if I was on the edge of the cliff in the Labyrinth and the Bog of Eternal Stench. 


On the way back up the creekside, Sam huffed it up the hill and I, being a bit timid, walked up it. 

I stopped as I saw a baby snake slither past. 

I pushed through and just kept going.


As we came to the edge of the trail, the light swept past the overgrowth and through the tree trunks. 

I knew it would have to come to an end. 

Sam asked if I wanted to go back or go run on another trail. 

I just shook my head and asked “Again?”


We ran through two more times.


I wanted to just stand still in there

become a part of the earth.

let my roots get tangled in the dirt

and reach up in the cover of the giants.


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