Made it to Charleston!

Wow. What a trip. 

The movers came. The movers left. 

The house got cleaned. 

We planned on leaving for Kansas at noon on Wednesday but ended up leaving closer to 5pm. 

I finished my tee shirt quilt on Thursday and received an order for another on Friday. We spent a lot of time with family and said our last goodbyes.

We hit the road Saturday, heading south towards Tulsa and cutting over through Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The trip was long. We spent about 12 hours on the road! We took breaks often and it was a pretty tiring trip. Sam and I were about at our wits end by the end of the night. We pulled into La Quinta at around 2:30am Sunday morning and fell hard. 

After a quick breakfast, we hit the road again around 10am. The more we drove, the more we realized that we were indeed getting closer to the coast and could tell by the overwhelming humidity and southern accents! 

I loved driving through Alabama. There is so much green there. It’s all lush! Georgia wasn’t that bad either. 

Sam drove the last hour and a half of the journey and was the one to drive us into Charleston. 

First impressions:

I love the musty dank and watery smell in the air. We’ll see if I feel the same way after a few weeks.

It is definitely more humid here than Colorado. We rolled down the window in the car and Ash stuck his head out to sniff the air as usual, and he choked on the thick wet air. Sam and I both needed that laugh. 

Being dark, we couldn’t really see a good layout of our entrance into the city. However, there are a lot of businesses…construction places, hotels, restaurants, shopping outlets, and more. The roads are nicely kept with new construction look and there are thick trees paving the roadsides. 

We drove up to our hotel and boy were we surprised! It is the ALoft hotel and it’s shnazzy. It has a modern theme with striped patterns and an almost retro-1960’s feel. We love it. The front desk even had a doggie bag prepared for the pups with 2 very generous portions of bones and a squeaky toy. How fun! We will stay here tonight and then move elsewhere for the remainder of our temporary lodging stay…until we find ourselves a new home here!

Onto baby news! 


Not a whole lot! For a few days there, she wasn’t moving as often as she usually did and I admit I became slightly …. what’s the word….concerned. I wouldn’t say concerned. More like a strong observation. Either way, she is still quite active and kicks often! 

I have been feeling mediocre. This has been quite a stressful week with packing and moving, traveling across the country, and heartache that comes with all of that. I’ve been a bit down that I haven’t worked out and I really am feeling quite flabby. I hope to get active with Sam once we get settled. I’ve got to keep myself healthy and active for little one! 


And off to bed.



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