Week 26 Stats



How Far Along:  26 Weeks 

Baby size and random info: 14 inches long and is almost 2 pounds! Nerves in her ears are very well developed and she can hear everything! She is practicing breathing by taking in small amounts of amniotic fluid. She’s growing stronger daily!

Symptoms: I get super hot nowadays. No matter if I wear shorts and a tank or jeans and a tee shirt, I still overheat. I hate to wear my hair up all the time, but it keeps me partially cool! I’m not as nauseated as I used to be. I just have to maintain my water levels and munch on snacks every now and again. Constipation and dizziness when I wake up are still an issue. I haven’t had to start sleeping on my sides. I still sleep on my back. I do, however, have to be careful when I sleep on my sides because it seems like my lungs get crushed and my stomach contracts, causing me pain in breathing and an acidic stomach. This problem has been growing for the past week or so. No swelling to speak of. No acne, but I have noticed my scarring on my face has seemed to become more prominent.

How I’m feeling: Feeling okay! Not too stressed about the move. Definitely excited. I’m usually hot and when I get hot, I get upset easily and that’s no bueno. 

Week’s highlights: All our stuff is gone! The movers came and picked up the truck and all our household goods. We went shooting with some friends this weekend which was super fun, and we’re cleaning house (I love to clean). I watched my first episode of Farscape (yea…I know). Not a whole lot more has happened! Little girl has been kicking up a storm! 

Boy or Girl? Girl! 

Cravings: Meh. Not really. I steer clear of really processed stuff and sweets. I’ve grown to love apples more! I still love my spicy chicken caesar salad from Wendy’s.  

Worries/Concerns: Safe travels to my Aunt’s home in Ohio then from there to Charleston. Making sure everything is in order for our new renters. Finding an OBGYN. 

Goals and What I look forward to: The move! Finding a church! 


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