It’s all gone!



Sam was frantically looking for his PS3! 

ImageThe movers got done early this afternoon! We have an empty house! What an adventure.


We have really had a great experience with this move so far! The movers were all very professional and nice. We had no damages to our goods or our home. The whole day, little one was so active and bouncing around. It will be a travesty if she doesn’t have a metabolism like her father! I’ll be chasing that girl from here to kingdom come. 


We have the whole weekend to clean and prepare emotionally/mentally for the drive cross country. We’ll stop back in Kansas for a few days and then make our way up towards Ohio to see my aunt. We’ll then make the last stretch southward to Charleston! 

The feeling of knowing we are going to be leaving the Springs is bittersweet. We love our friends and the life we have here but are very excited for the adventures that await us on the coast.

We’ll go house hunting once we arrive in Charleston and we are hoping to find a house for rent with a backyard of any size. Although it’d be awesome to live within walking distance to the beach, I think I’d prefer to have a little bit of land to walk around on rather than just a porch in an apartment complex. We’ll make do with what we find. It’s hard to determine our future in Charleston–Sam’s only expected to be stationed there for about 2-3 years. After that…who knows. Perhaps we’ll get another station or stay there. I am not too worried about school districts as of right now for that reason. Perhaps later on!

In baby related news, we’ll be 26 weeks next week and I just can’t believe it! Time is flying by and I feel almost as if I’m reaching for it trying to slow it down! I’ve felt and seen so many changes in myself these past months with baby on the way. Being pregnant really is an amazing experience. You take the good with the bad and run with it! 



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