A new start.

The movers have arrived for the day. 

The house is bright with all the windows open and a nice cool breeze rolling in from all corners. 

How exciting! 

The four men came in and we did another quick walk-through of the house. You know it’s going to be a good moving day when they all clap their hands and exclaim “Awesome!” when announced that there’s no basement, but it’s just a simple 2 story house.

One is starting in the kitchen and another on the TV/stereo area. Two are upstairs working on the bedroom and baby room. 

Can it really be happening? Moving?! 

We are getting so excited and anxious to be moving. I never realized how quickly this day would come.

Is this what it is going to feel like when the time comes for little one to arrive? I can’t believe I am already 25 weeks along. Soon, that’ll be 35 weeks. Soon after, it’ll be time for birth.

All this thought on time passing and new beginnings makes me realize how little time on earth a person really has. Time rules (along with the dollar). 

We judge everything by time–how old we are, when we must be here or there,and countdowns to goals and events. 

Sam and I have been married just over 6 years.

I am 25 years old.

Sam and I have 6 days until we leave Colorado Springs for Charleston.

Sam should be home in 3 hours from his doctor appointment. 

Three months until our baby arrives.

When thinking about time, I wonder how I am using mine on this earth. Am I spending it wisely and profitably for God and for others? How am I using the talents and gifts I’ve been blessed with? 

So far, I think I’ve done a mediocre job. Honestly. I feel as if I could improve upon so many areas of my life and use my talents for better purposes. I feel as if I could reach out more to others and be more open. I could be less fretful and more flexible. 

Starting out fresh in South Carolina is going to be good. New people, new scenery, a new home, and a new start.



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