Week 25 Stats



How Far Along:  25 Weeks 

Baby size and random info: 13.5 inches long and over 1.5 pounds! Air sacs in the lungs are continuing to form, nostrils are opening up, and baby continues to turn fat into muscle and prepare to enter the world!

Symptoms: I am absolutely affected by the heat. I still have nausea and dizzy fits. I have been keeping better track of my salt intake, which has in turn helped me to not swell as bad as I was! My belly is getting bigger daily and I love it! She kicks and squirms around, which usually is my reminder that I am indeed pregnant! I love feeling her kick. It’s such a unique feeling.

How I’m feeling: I am still feeling a bit emotional, but definitely better. It’s not just a fluke– I am walking better! I swore for a few weeks there that the pregnancy waddle was setting in early..but I am back to semi-normal. I often feel hot and overheated. I feel positive about the rest of the pregnancy though! I feel a lot more at ease now that we are in our own home and not relying on the grace of our families. The numbing of my limbs has subsided for now. Overall, I feel pretty good! 

Week’s highlights: Sam got his truck running! We are going to be the terror of the neighborhood in Charleston. We had our going away party and Sam planned it to be a surprise baby shower for me as well as the going away party! I was so surprised and absolutely thankful. We had a wonderful time.  

Boy or Girl? Girl Girl Girl! 

Cravings: I actually have reverse cravings, if that’s possible. Foods I used to like and places I enjoyed eating at are now a turn off. For example, I LOVED HuHot Mongolian Grill, but now I just can’t bring myself to want it. I usually love mocha frappes from Starbucks but don’t enjoy them much anymore. Same goes for all sweets.   

Worries/Concerns: Perhaps it is the realization of the impending exit little one will need to make to enter into my arms…but I am starting to think more about that. To calm myself of it, I just need to research all aspects of it and calm down. Although  it will surely be one of the most painful experiences in my life, I realize that it is necessary and won’t last long in the big picture. I suppose I am mildly concerned about finding my OBGYN in Charleston and adjusting to the humidity/heat, but both things should take care of themselves soon. 

Goals and What I look forward to: The move! Can it really be only a week away? The movers come on Wednesday (2 days) and them we are here for one last weekend! Goals include finding a house to rent in Charleston (preferably not an apartment…I’d like a back yard!), finding a safe place to go walking/running, making a friend or two, and finding a good solid church. 



Pictures from the Baby shower/Going away party! 



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