Week 24 Stats and Picture


How Far Along:  24 Weeks 

Baby size and random info: Baby is about 8.5 inches long and a little over a pound and a half! GROWING! She has developed her facial features and can hear all sorts of sounds. She’s gaining body weight in fat and muscle/organs!

Symptoms: Emotional. Belly routinely gets hard and softens and I know to prepare for a kick and movement when it hardens. She regularly kicks and is active late in the evening. I have noticed her kicking a lot more throughout the day. Swelling of feet hasn’t been bad this week as I have been watching my salt intake. This has been going on for a while but I notice it more nowadays; When I wake up, it is as if my stomach is being squished and stretched.I can’t breathe too deep in the morning or I will start coughing/gag. I feel as if I have to stretch out my chest before standing up otherwise I will get sick. 

How I’m feeling: Emotional. I have been overwhelmed this past week with a lot of feelings. This past week brought on a lot of excitement to meet little one. I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t help but just get so excited with no warning about little one’s arrival. We will be meeting her in just a few short months! Physically, I feel pretty good. I don’t feel that lower abdomen pain like I had in the past few weeks after running. I feel as if I’m walking a bit better (not waddling). 

Week’s highlights: The wonderful Wizard of Oz themed baby shower my sisters put on for me! It was such a blast and I got to see so many of my friends and family! Spent time with both of our families and even got to see a few friends unplanned out at dinner! 

Boy or Girl? Glitter, rainbows, princess dress up, and pink are in our future. 

Cravings: Still no crazy cravings. Every now and again I will want something salty or something spicy, but I am trying to steer away from extreme foods such as those.  

Worries/Concerns: Assembling everything for the move! Given, the movers will be here in a week from today to pack up the house and load it on the semi for us and we won’t have to do any of it. We will, however, need to make sure everything we don’t want them to pack (important papers, clothes, etc) is separate. Sam needs to out-process and we had to take a detour in our trip back to Colorado. 

We drove about 74 miles and hit Gorham, Kansas when the car overheated. We pulled into the gas station that looked as if it had been abandoned yet the locals were still filing in it. Sam filled the radiator with fluid and started the car. We heard knocking and banging from the engine. He shut it off and took another look and got the banging to stop. He took us down the road less than a mile when he decided to pull over again due to it overheating again. He got out and opened the hood to assess the damages. He heard a specific noise that is associated with the water pump/intake, and knew we needed a new water pump. We called his dad and my mom to get some help. His dad had a coworker in Hays (20 miles away from us) who was driving a flatbed semi towing a few other things and would be able to swing by to pick up our car for us. My mom left her shop and drove up to pick us and the dogs up. Sam and I, in the meantime, sat under a shade tree and waited.


I was very hot but thankful to find a tree and a nice breeze!

Goals and what I look forward to: I am absolutely looking forward to the move. I am excited to see new sights and start fresh in a new town. Until then, I have a few errands to run to prepare for the move. I had to cancel my baby appointment today because we are still in Kansas with car issues, so I will be rescheduling that. I am looking forward to meeting little one!

In just a few more months, we will welcome our little one into the world. I am becoming overwhelmingly excited about this! At first, I was more worried and fixated on the actual process/fear of delivering a baby. I mean, come on! You’re pushing a human outside of your body and it’s not gonna feel all warm and fuzzy. BUT…the more I think about it, that is temporary. It must happen. I might as well be happy about it and focus on what comes after that. 

Crying, diapers, and stress are all things I know to expect. I am just so excited to experience the good times, the snuggle times, the fun times. 


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