Running is one of those bittersweet things. Ya know…going to the dentist, gumming grass flavored vitamins, and pretending to be chased by something just for the sake of ‘health.’ 

I enjoy it. I may not be fast or have perfect form but I get pleasure from feeling like I am flying.

In the past, I’ve dreamed of running so fast it feels like I am flying. I run down dirt roads and uphill in cities. I remember those dreams. I like them. 

Before getting pregnant, I had ran a half marathon with my friend Lynnell and Melissa was our chauffeur and photographer. I had such a wonderful time running the winding roads with country views in Steamboat Springs Colorado. The feeling is exhilarating. I didn’t even run fast. I believe we were running about a 10-11 minute mile.

I have maintained a small little bit of my running stamina but kept intact my desire to take on the pavement. With being so sick in the first trimester, I had no desire to get out of the house let alone get into running shoes and bounce out around in public. Sam and I have been jogging with a moderate regularity and it feels so good to be back on the road. 

Sure, my legs hurt. 

Yep. My abdomen is sore the next day.

But…baby kicks as hard as ever after my runs and I feel a release and relief after getting out there.

Tonight, we ran a mile and I wore my new support belt.


Bought it yesterday and was so excited to use it tonight!


As with most things in my life, my expectations greatly exceed reality. 

I suppose I was anticipating this support band to fully take away that awkward tension in my lower abdomen. After walking a warm up, I started jogging and the pain was still there.

I was disappointed. Genuinely. 

I didn’t say anything or get too frustrated, but kept on running short intervals with walk breaks to calm my belly and mind. 

I found that the more I ran and the more that I relied on the support band, the better I felt while running with it.

The band has a long piece of fabric that cups under and up onto your lower belly. That is then strapped on with an elastic band. On top of that is a velcro corset type piece that is tightened fully to lift/hold in and support the belly. The last strap is for later in pregnancy when little one is bigger and I want to add it. 

I found that I was trying to find ways to make this bad boy comfortable. It really is quite comfortable, but imagine running with a corset on. It takes a little getting used to! 

So here we are, jogging and walking down the street in sporadic intervals.

I would tighten my abdomen and stomach muscles. That didn’t help. I would change my gait and stretch out to longer strides. Nope. I shortened them to a quick step jog. Nope. 

Finally, I gave up and just let go. I let my stomach relax and stick out to be proud. Heaven above–Could it be that I was indeed wearing a support band and the support band actually caught my person-pod of a belly?! Yes!

The support band indeed supported my little one and I felt better while running! Given, it is not as comfortable as running with no person-pod…but I work with what I have! 

I absolutely look forward to continuing running with my support band. I am hoping to maintain stamina of a few miles at a time by the time I give birth so I can bounce back into running. I have been itching to sign up for another half marathon or even a full. 

On a side note, Sam wanted to try on the support band. Is he doing it right?




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