Week 22 Stats

How Far Along:  22 Weeks 

Baby size and random info: 11 inches and about a pound! Toothbuds are forming under the gums and the eyes are formed (with the exception of the iris’s pigment).

Symptoms: Definitely feel bigger! My belly is expanding and Sam is ever so surprised at how different it feels from the rest of my body—he KNOWS something’s growing! He calls it my person pod. I still feel a bit of deep ligament pain from running/jogging/walking more than I should have the past few days. It is actually quite hard for me to stand up and sit down without being in pain. It should go away soon! I haven’t really felt sick the past few days but I am still nervous for it as it is so easy for it to set in without forewarning. My ankles/feet and hands are swollen most of the time. It is quite painful. I was so bummed when my shoes started feeling too small for me on my jog tonight.

How I’m feeling: Pregnant! I’ve gotten used to the kicks and the moving, which have become more intense and frequent. Little one is moving around so much nowadays. Sam felt baby kick the hardest it had ever last night.

Week’s highlights: Drove back to Kansas for visits with family to announce the sex of the baby. Telling everyone was fun and they were all excited. The news wasn’t what we expected but it will prove to be a welcome surprise! 

Boy or Girl? Girl! 

Cravings: Salty foods. I apparently have a sodium deficiency right now. I still don’t do a lot of sweets but love the seasonal fruit…. cantaloupe and strawberries. Been craving chinese food for quite a while.. Eggrolls. Anyone have some on hand? 

Worries/Concerns: Gosh…knowing how to raise a little girl to be a strong and confident woman! That comes with time and experience. Right now, just making sure that I stay hydrated and not stress about the upcoming move. Making the transition from Colorado to South Carolina will be quite a challenge, I am sure. Nonetheless, we are excited and anticipating the move!

Goals and what I look forward to: I’ve been trying to keep active and move a lot more than I have in the past few weeks of my pregnancy. I am also trying to keep a more positive and open mindset. I find myself asking more questions and researching the questions I have especially about cloth diapering and nursing. I am looking forward to the Wizard of Oz themed baby shower my sisters are throwing for me. I also look forward to shooting off all the fireworks Joe, Sam, and I bought tonight. For being in the military, we got a 40% off discount on the already discounted prices…SCORE! I also hope to snag some Cozy burgers while we’re home. 


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