Gifts for Little One and Anatomy Scan



Thanks to Melissa for this lovely handmade blanket! I was so happy to see her and this gift was a wonderful surprise–just what I needed today! 


I went to the mall yesterday to look for an outfit for the baby shower and met up with Debbie-mom! She had a bag of goodies for me and little one. THANK YOU! 






Thank you ladies for your kindness! 



Thank you also for everyone who checked up on us during these wildfires. It’s been a rough week for Colorado Springs. The community has pulled together and it is a wonderful thing to see.



This morning was our anatomy scan at Peterson.

I was told to get up at 8, pee, drink 32 ounces of water before 9, and then hold it til my appointment at 10. 

I am under the belief that the sonographers should do the same thing prior to each ultrasound to feel the pain we feel. Actually, it wasn’t that bad!

We waited in the lobby and were called back after 15 minutes of wait time. 

The warm goop was slopped onto my belly and off she went scanning and taking pictures, measurements, and naming body parts. 

Every now and again she’d show a scan of the face or hands and say “Baby says hi,” to which I would meekly and quietly reply “hey…” with a wavering awkward tone. Odd? Yea.

The scan took 45 minutes and she took a lot of photos. Little one is measuring right on track. All bones are in order, the heart and kidneys are functioning at peak performance, and little one was sure active! We were so thankful to get a good sonographer who was talkative and helpful. Anytime we had a question about what she was scanning, she’d stop and point out what she was doing. It was great.

Little one’s heart rate was 141. We received a cd of the pictures. It was just the coolest thing ever. I started tearing up when she showed us little one’s nose/nostril (odd to get weepy over a nose…) and the fingers. It was surreal.

Pictures to come soon!  


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