Week 21 Stats


How Far Along:  21 Weeks 

Baby size and random info: 3/4 of a pound and 10.5 inches long (about like a carrot). Little one is moving around and kicking. Eyebrows and lids are present. If little one is a girl, her privates are formed. Baby has REM and can dream! Baby is packing on the fat and continues to grow.

Symptoms: This week, my belly has really grown. I am feeling tight–a lot of it is the dry heat and all that extra blood in my body! My legs and feet are always swollen and I’m slowing down a bit. My face is still pretty clear. I haven’t noticed any differences in nail or hair growth/strength. I get a few cramps in my lower belly when I walk too fast or if I jog for too long. 

How I’m feeling: Feeling pretty good! Car rides through town still make me a bit nauseated. This dry stagnant heat makes me feel so weak and lightheaded! I am compensating in lots of water and trips to the bathroom! I am still adjusting to my growing belly. I am feeling pretty good overall though! My morning sickness is almost completely managed– I only feel like I have to take a zofran once every few days or more. It is really nice to be able to sort of function.

Week’s highlights: Our friends had a bbq this weekend and it was nice to get out and socialize! I made some cheesecake dip and it was a hit. Sunday (yesterday) was our 6 year anniversary and Sam surprised me with orchids, a flower bouquet, and we spent the afternoon filling out baby registry things and had dinner at the Melting Pot. It was a really wonderful anniversary. 

Boy or Girl? We have less than 4 days to find out…and we are so excited! 

Cravings: I have to steer clear of a lot of meats and sweets. My stomach hurts if I eat them. My appetite is the same but my stomach size has decreased, so I adjust how much I eat. No major cravings, although some foods or restaurants just sound SO good to eat at and some places don’t. 

Worries/Concerns: Knowing the Weaver Luck that I married into, we probably won’t be able to find out the sex of the baby at the ultrasound. Little one will probably be stubborn. This ultrasound is our anatomy scan and we are hoping everything is healthy and normal with that. 

Goals and what I look forward to: Of course, our ultrasound on friday! We have the moving guys coming today to do an initial walk-through and our finance guy is coming tomorrow. Sam and I will be making a trip back to Kansas to tell family the sex of the baby and spend time with everyone before we move in a month! I am definitely looking forward to the big move. A lot of exciting things going on! 


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