Week 20 Stats

How Far Along:  20 weeks! Halfway! 

Baby size and random info: 10 ounces and 6.5 inches long! Baby is about the size of a banana and swallowing, rolling around, and stretching a lot!

Symptoms: My belly seems to be growing exponentially! I am not as nauseated as I was in the past. It seems to  have passed! I have dry skin. I generally feel tight in my skin and my legs/feet swell a lot. No stretchmarks. Don’t keep track of my weight unless I go to the doctor.

How I’m feeling: I have a temperamental stomach most mornings and especially in the evenings. If I am craving something or MUST HAVE THAT EGGROLL, it is best for me to have it during lunch or I will regret it the next day. I am mentally and emotionally better than I was for the past few weeks. I am realizing that all these feelings and symptoms are encouraged by the pregnancy and hormones and I am keeping a positive attitude that things will improve. I have been waking up early each day and wonder if I should force myself to sleep. After all, little one will be waking us up at all hours of the night!

Week’s highlights: Sam got to feel little one move! I have been feeling a lot of movements this past week. Sam and I were relaxing in our hotel room between classes at our marriage retreat, and he felt little one move when I laid on my stomach. I’m so happy he got to feel little one! Speaking of– the marriage retreat was really great! What else…Sam and I attended our first Comic Con! 

Boy or Girl? A week and a half from finding out! 

Cravings: Not many. I still crave fruit. I have to stay away from chocolate. I don’t really do sweets anymore unless I really really want it. Too sugary!  I still want spicy stuff. I really would love some noodle-y things right now. Chinese FOOD! 

Worries/Concerns: Not really a worry or concern, but I get hot very easily nowadays. We keep windows open and fans going and I drink lots of cold water, but generally get overheated quickly. I guess I should really consider wearing shorts (EGAD!). 

Goals and what I look forward to: I think I will paint a bit this week. I definitely look forward to our ultrasound next friday. We find out the sex! I know Sam and I are both excited to hear the truck come back to life. Sam has been working so hard to work on the ’65 and get it running before we move to South Carolina. 


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