Great phrases to have on hand.

I just picked up my Parents Magazine in the mail and found yet another great article on parenting techniques. 

Let me tell you all about it. No, there is too much. Let me sum up (Kudos to the first person who can name that quote).

All credit to Parents Magazine and Francesca Castagnoli.  

1. “I need to think about that.” This phrase buys time to think of an answer, gives the parent authority, and institutes the idea of taking time to think about decisions and ideas before answering. 

2. “How does that make you feel?” Gives you a break from over praising or being too hard on little one. It encourages the young one to decide how their actions affect their future and results.

3. “Wow.” This answer is given in response to events that might cause you to be angry or if the little one is guilty about their actions. This acknowledges that you hear them but gives you time to assess the information and situation, put it into perspective, and respond in suit.

4. “Let’s see if we can find some good in this.” This is a perfect phrase for when things go wrong. This helps both you and the child find the positive in bad situations. That trait is often overlooked but a valuable treasure later on in life.

5. “Listen to your body.” Use this one with variations especially when small ones don’t feel good. Moms usually know all about their children’s bodily functions well before the child. It is good to turn the thought onto the child to help foster future decision making abilities (too much candy = stomach-ache, etc) in addition to starting to pay attention to their own body and listen to it. They can better communicate the next time they aren’t feeling good.

6. “Take a breath.” Instilling patience and calmness is a good thing! This is good especially for excitable events. This encourages everyone to slow down.

7. “Would you like a do-over?” In a situation where the child does wrong or makes a bad choice, this phrase comes in handy to bring a non-embarrassing change of heart. It’s a do-over! The child can feel as if they are given a second chance and they will make the right decision this time. To be more authoritative, change it to “Let’s have a do-over.”

8. “That’s a great idea.” Encouraging your children’s creativity is always a good idea. This works for all ages and instills confidence and follow through in your children.


Here’s a few ways to say “No.”




-That is not the issue

-No, and that is final

-I am not ready for that

-I’ve given it some more thought and I am going to say no.

-I remember saying no about this.

-I am not going to change my mind about this.


Different ways to say “Yes.”



-How great

-Of course we can/should

-I would be glad to help

-That sounds like fun



Again, all credit to Parents Magazine July 2012.



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