Baby will be musical, dagnabbit.

I come from a musical family. 

My dad played an instrument when he was younger and has a lovely singing voice (though he doesn’t sing). The last time I remember him singing was in church when my sister and I were very young. 

My mom has a strong and confident alto voice and sang in the Sweet Adelines (a women’s singing group) while my sister, brother, and I were all young. I remember her hot gluing sequins and feathers to gaudy earrings and pins for all the ladies in the group. 

My sister can play the piano, violin, and sings soprano (though she won’t usually sing louder than a hummingbird fart).

My brother sings. He sang in high school in the madrigals (the elite of the elite of small town high school singers in podunk Kansas) and was in drama/theater. 

Me? I play piano, cello, a bit of guitar, and I sing. I can usually pick up an instrument and be decent at it (drums, bass guitar, etc). 

My dad’s dad played piano. He played in the army and in bars for singalongs. My grandpa would have the bartender bring him a soda instead of a beer when patrons bought him drinks, otherwise he’d be too tipped over to play. He also told me of a time when a man came up to request “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin and my grandpa didn’t know it, but the guy kept insisting and offered my grandpa ten dollars every time he’d play it. So my grandpa played an upbeat type rag melody for the guy and the guy was shloshed enough to think it was “The Entertainer.” My grandpa got about thirty bucks off the guy before he felt bad enough to change the melody. That’s the spirit! I miss my grandpa. 

My family is very musical. 

Sam’s family is musical in a different way. 

Sam, bless his wonderful heart–that sweet and strong man–my one and only love, has ZERO musical talent. He doesn’t play an instrument and his singing is…well…. he doesn’t sing in public and I have to push him to sing for me. He has a love for music though and appreciates all styles and forms. He is more open musically than I am yet he cannot perform on any instrument. 

I am hoping against all hopes that our child gets a passion for music like Sam and the natural talent and aptitude to play instruments like me. WIth our luck, little one will get my lack of openness to different forms of music and the lack of musical talent that Sam has. 

I am a firm believer that if a person puts in the time, energy, and effort into any task, they will succeed at it. Any person has the ability to be the best. Success and greatness is not reserved for the over privileged or celebrities, but rather for those who have the passion to attain it for themselves.

My hope is to introduce little one to music of all forms early on. Will this guarantee musical talent? No. Exposure will however foster a love for music that I hope my child will have. In the same way, reading and arts will be important to development as well. 

As I have said before, who knows what the future holds for my little one. I do not want to constrain or bind my child into a specific lifestyle or stereotype, but I hope to pass on our love for music to little one. 




3 thoughts on “Baby will be musical, dagnabbit.

  1. If I remember correctly, your baby’s ears are developed by now, and they can hear. Play music for little one, sing to yourself, play around on your piano and cello. I strongly believe that the reason Charlotte likes music, (and boy golly does she love it!) is because I always had music going on while I was pregnant. When I was in the car or home alone, I wasn’t afraid to belt out along with the tunes. And believe it or not, Lottie actually prefers hip hop/rap to any other genre, though I listen to everything around her. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. About 100 years ago I remember watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (when it was real). Sandi Patty was the guest musical number. She said about singing the high notes is just screaming on pitch. Sandi is right, and not just about the high notes and certainly not screaming. Singing is matching pitch tones. So if you can get Gary to do that, you’ve got it made. Playing the pianer is a totally different thing…

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