Week 19 Stats

How Far Along:  19!

Baby size and random info: Half a pound in weight and about 6 inches long! Baby is growwwwwwwwwing! 

Symptoms: Belly cannot be hidden! I have been sick quite a bit this weekend and this week with morning sickness and general lightheaded/dizzy/whatnot. 

How I’m feeling: Feeling a bit sickly. I get sick at night nowadays. I have very little appetite and I seem to get sick at all foods I eat. This makes it easy for me to eat healthy, though. Feeling emotionally rocky. I don’t know if it is the hormones or if I am just coping with an expanding belly, a less than active body, and the general feelings of nausea/heartburn. I am so very thankful for all the kicking and fluttering I have been feeling this week, however.

Week’s highlights: All of little one’s kicking and fluttering! This happens mostly when I sit on the couch and lean over a bit to type on my computer. Mom says I’m squishin’ baby. Baby is kicking back in retaliation. I just wish Sam could feel it! It’s the oddest feeling–little bumps and burps in my lower belly, like someone is tapping my skin. I never imagined something like that could be so fun and I would anticipate it! In other news, we found a renter! I am so thankful! A friend, Michaela, referred her friend Renee to Sam and me saying that we were looking to rent out our house. Sure enough, Renee and her husband love the home and want to rent from us! We are beyond grateful to have found someone so quickly with such enthusiasm. That’s one less stress for us!! 

Boy or Girl? Still another few weeks before we find out!

Cravings: Aversions to most foods. I eat still, but feel sick after everything. The feelings are worst in evening time. Been craving spicy tacos, however.

Worries/Concerns: I really (and I mean REALLY) do not want morning sickness to come back full swing. It has been returning this past weekend and even now. I’m not too happy about that, but ever so thankful for the reason it is here. I am hoping Sam and I can find a good place to live at a good price. 

Goals and what I look forward to: Denver this weekend for the marriage retreat! Sam mentioned a man who completed a 100 mile foot race in 16 hours 39 minutes. He looked like a normal guy. His pace? 10 minute miles. I absolutely want to do that one day. Why? Because I can. I must start building up my mileage with walking and intermittent jogging.  


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