More movement!

I’ve been feeling little flutters and tiny movements the past few days! They are like little taps on my belly. They are so amazing! Each flutter reminds me little one is busy in there growing and we are one day closer to meeting.

On a different topic, the more time that passes and the closer we get to our sex reveal, I realize how little importance I put on nursery themes and having matching baby things. I am a part of a few different baby/pregnancy forums and it seems like the ladies there are consumed with decorating and designing themes for the nursery. They post pictures and make a big production of the whole ordeal. 

In spite of sounding insensitive I’ll say it anyway: Does it matter? It’s all good fun, I suppose. Perhaps I am only thinking about how much money some families spend on decor for the nursery or going out to buy a whole new maternity wardrobe. We don’t have that money to spend. 

There are plenty of frugal decor ideas and a person needs not spend a lot of money. I think about all the practical things my little one will need and I don’t stress or worry about making the nursery chic or ready for a magazine article. Is it bad of me to want to save money or have bonds set up for little one rather than a color coordinating sheet set? Am I being TOO practical?

Am I the only one that feels this way? 

I take this approach in my life as well. Generally, I don’t decorate a lot and I steer clear of excess. I prefer simplicity. There isn’t anything wrong with that. 

I am overwhelming thankful to every person who has donated clothes and baby things to little one’s future. We will gladly use everything and we are saving so much money through the kindness of friends and family! I need to do a run-through of everything we have so I can know what we will need to buy before little one arrives.


Our ultrasound is scheduled for 3 weeks from today. Sam and I are very excited to find out the sex! We are mulling over ideas on how to tell our families. There’s the typical balloon in a box idea, the cake with the colored icing inside, or just plainly telling them. We still have a few weeks to decide!! 


This morning was rather rough for me. I had been feeling shaky and seasick the past few days. This morning started out with two trips to the bathroom and me exploring the pipes below. Thankfully, I am feeling a little better. I will be taking it easy the rest of the day and evening. 


Have a wonderful day! 


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