Week 18 Stats

How Far Along:  Eighteen Weeks!

Baby size and random info: FIVE INCHES AND SEVEN OUNCES! Holy moly. Little One is getting big! About the size of a bell pepper (but much cuter). Little one’s ears in the final position and veins are visible through the skin! Reproductive organs are continuing to form and grow!

Symptoms: Belly is sticking out! My ankles swell a bit and I can tell I am slowing down. I can’t run as fast as I used to and I run out of breath easier! I felt my first major kick/flutters last week and I actually felt some more little kicks in a row today when I sat down to update on here! 

How I’m feeling: I am still feeling icky. Coughing, sore throat, and headaches are a norm. I get hot very easily and have to calm myself down or I’ll have a coughing fit! I am mentally pretty positive right now! I have to laugh as I look down at my propped up feet and see swollen ankles. Silly. 

Week’s highlights: Whether or not it is a highlight is debatable, but I’ve been sick all week! I finished 3 tee shirt quilts and two fuzzy animal print baby blankets at my mom’s shop. My mom was gracious enough to let me stay with her and work with her these past two weeks! Seeing the wheat fully grown and the combines harvesting made my week. Feeling little one kick was pretty freakin’ cool too!!! I am extremely stoked to have Sam feel for little one’s kicks! 

Boy or Girl? Still not sure! I had a dream about a little baby boy, but that doesn’t really mean much. I think it’s a girl. We’ll see soon!

Cravings: No cravings still. Aversions to plain chicken and eggs though. Acidic stomach is normal for me at this point no matter what I eat. Bummer!

Worries/Concerns: Finding a renter for the house and making sure everything is in order for the big cross country move! Our 18 week appointment is tomorrow morning and we’re hoping for healthy vitals and a good appointment. Since Premier shut down, I must go to the clinic on PAFB for my appointments. I’m not too hip on that, but I am thankful nonetheless to have a place to go. 

Goals and what I look forward to: Morning Appointment. Marriage retreat weekend in Denver. Game night with friends.  


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