Stickin’ Out!

Holy moly, friends. My stomach is expanding at a rapid rate! Little one is getting big! I still haven’t felt another kick since that one last week. I am hoping when I return to Colorado, Sam can talk little one into kicking!


This has been a good two weeks in Kansas. I worked and made 2 quilt tops and finished 2 other quilts. I fished and went on a mini vacation to Kansas City. I have visited family and enjoyed being around my 4 month old niece– on whom I’ve been practicing my mothering skills. 


I’ve come to love unsweetened tea again.

I appreciate the humidity in that it makes my hair full of volume and curly again.

I am more and more thankful for having all my relatives be so close in town. 



Little one’s appointment is Wednesday– just a over two days away! I am so excited, as is Sam! 


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