The Weekend and 16 week photo!

What a wonderful week. 

I spent all week working at my mom’s alteration shop sewing on little projects, altering pants, and creating a tee shirt quilt for a customer. 

Friday came and my mom, sister, and her children decided to let me tag along on their trip to Kansas City. Our plan was to go to the River Market and Aquarium. We stayed at the Sheraton on 47th and Main. 

Getting to the hotel was an endeavor in itself. I get easily stressed when I am put in a new situation and left to my own devices. I seem to be easily confused and frustrated. Driving around in a new place with one way streets was bad enough, it didn’t help that I am no good at figuring out valet and anticipating traffic. Whew. Thankfully it got better by the end of the weekend as I became a quick pro at maneuvering in the big city. It really isn’t much different than Colorado Springs other than more hills and denser streets. 

We decided to visit the new Aquarium in Kansas City Saturday afternoon. It is attached to Legoland with equally long waiting lines and exorbitant admission prices. The aquarium was fairly busy but worth the wait! There were underwater tunnels, vast collections of jellyfish and seahorses, and a tide-pool where kids and adults could pick up starfish and crabs. Very cool! 




Found a friend!


A large and extremely awesome stingray/eel tank! Easily my favorite part of the whole aquarium.


Flotsam and Jetsam! 



Prior to attending the aquarium, we rose early in the morning to go to the farmer’s market/river market. I was overwhelmed with the large selection of flowers, fruits and veggies, and other amazing goods.




It was a wonderful morning. I donated money to a very talented gentleman playing guitar and singing popular songs. I wish I had my camera with me—I would have loved to record him. 

In other news, here I am at 16 weeks! Baby is reaaaaaaallly starting to show.



I just can’t believe I will be 17 weeks TOMORROW! My belly is expanding daily, I feel little hints of growing pains hourly, and my anticipation for finding out the sex is growing! Sam commented on how the farther along I get, the more excited he is to become a father. Him saying that made me so happy and filled with love for little one and especially for the man I married. 

Only a week and a few days until my 18 week appointment! I am hoping they are generous and give us an ultrasound. We are so anxious to find out the sex. I still have a feeling that it’s a girl.



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