Kansas! Kicks!

Kansas, oh Kansas. My home state. Sam and I moved away from this bipolar state to a lovely dry Colorado home. But for now, I am BACK!

For a bit…

I am working with my mom at her shop and spending time with family while I’m home for a short visit. I’ve been sewing together a tee shirt quilt and playing with my nieces and nephew at the shop. It’s been a nice change to be near humidity again but only after two days am I wanting my dry Colorado weather back!

Sam and I had been getting in the habit of walking/jogging a few times a week. It was easy to do in the nice cool dry weather. Here in Kansas where it gets fully humid and stuffy by 6:00am, it’s a little harder to find motivation. 

I woke up this morning at 6:00. My alarm was beeping and I was tired. I told myself last night before bed that I would get up and go on a one mile run this morning. When the time for me to get up came, I found myself less than enthusiastic. I rolled over and tried to snooze my alarm but an overwhelming feeling of urgency to run came to my head. I truly enjoy getting active on walks and jogs! I realized that if I didn’t get up now and run, that I wouldn’t want to in an hour or two when the sun is fully out and it’s warmer. 

I rolled out of bed without trying to convince myself to stay under the covers and changed into my running shorts and shoes as quickly as I could. I didn’t want to change my mind.

I grabbed my phone and went out the door! 

One whole mile. I jogged around the block twice, running the long portions all the times. I was pretty darn tootin’ proud of myself…I usually don’t run, but shuffle or walk after getting out of breath. I pushed myself today and I’m feelin’ great!

After I was done, I approached mom’s periwinkle colored house. I was stopped on the sidewalk by a little squatting toad! It was darling–speckled brown/black and rough! I stooped down and asked for a picture and the toad obliged.


It wasn’t until I poked it that I realized that the rough little squatting toad was indeed a rock.


I turned around to check if anyone had seen my rather humorous and embarrassing display, but no one was around. Good thing too!




Two nights ago (yes, I’ve been procrastinating blogging) I was in bed ready for some luxurious sleep. Each night before sleep I quiet myself and feel for baby’s kicks. I wasn’t expecting much, if anything. 

Next thing I knew, I felt about 6 sporadic little bumps on my palm! It felt like someone was tapping me gently! I got so excited I held my breath for a moment and felt around for any more kicks! I was so excited thinking “Is this really what a kick feels like? AWESOME!”

Those little kicks helped encourage me and made me even more excited to think about the future of our little family. 

Speaking of little, check out this cutie!




This is Olivia, my sister’s youngest daughter! She has the most darling smile and laugh. She gets picked up and loved on a lot at the shop during the day!


Well, off to start another day! Have a fantastic one and be positive! 


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