Well, Crap.

Well, Crap.

I thought this morning sickness thing went away.

I was so proud to tell family and friends that I was “Feeling GREAT!” and “Having very little trouble with my sickness!” 

Shame on me for speaking so early.

Spoke too soon.

Woke up today. Took a shower. Threw up.


I am thankful, however, that I know how to handle the morning sickness and I have Zofran if I need it. 

If morning sickness comes back in full swing, I will be very sad. I planned a trip back to Kansas for a two week visit with family. That’s all I need is to be sick during that time!! 


On a happy note, only a few weeks ’til my 18 week appointment…then….we find out the sex of the baby! YAY! 


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