I’ve graduated.

The time has come for me to move into my big girl pants. 

I woke up today and put on my jeans and realized how tight they were around my belly! Either Little One had a growth spurt over the past few days, I’m gaining weight, or my pants are magically shrinking in my drawers. I firmly believe it is the third option.

Thanks to ideas from my previously pregnant friends, I grabbed a hair tie and zigzagged it around my button and buttonhole to give myself a bit more room and time with these pants. It’ll be sooner than I think that I won’t be able to fit into them! 

Baby Name Update!

Sorry to disappoint–it’s not that epic. We continue to like Lincoln and Ezekiel and have added Ollivander to the potential boy name list. When I try to bring up girl names, Sam and I get distracted by how awesome it’d be to have a boy. Oh lord. 



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