Week 15 Stats


How Far Along:  15 Weeks.

Baby size and random info: Taste buds are forming, limbs and bones are lengthening and little one is stretching! Baby is about 4 inches big and 2.5 ounces. Little one can sense light and some people say you can feel movement and find out the gender by now! Wish I could do both! 

Symptoms: Belly is getting hard to hide! Little one demands to be seen by all! My nausea symptoms have still been on the down low. However, I sometimes get very hot and lightheaded to where I have to sit down and calm down. I’m a bit more squishy than I used to be. Feeling some cramps and stretching in my belly–baby moving around and ligaments/muscles stretching out? I now have to get up halfway through the night to go to the bathroom. I hate doing that! I get so cold and hate having to wake up for it, but I better get used to it! 

How I’m feeling: Feeling positive. Been a bit more conscientious of the foods/drinks/environment near baby and have been adjusting. Feeling physically good. A bit tired and sometimes forgetful.

Week’s highlights: Spending the weekend with Sam! Having a girls night with Aris and Jillian. The cool weather and rain that followed!  

Boy or Girl? Don’t know yet! Still waiting on my ultrasound. Will probably get my ultrasound at week 20 though I’m hoping they are generous at my week 18 appointment here in a few weeks!!!!

Cravings: Yesterday I wanted mashed potatoes and tomato gravy. Been craving sandwiches too. 

Worries/Concerns: Not many right now other than deciding about attending college in addition to having little one. Stressed about finding a renter for our home and moving our stuff cross country. Baby related? Not a whole lot really… just the usually worrying about having a healthy and happy baby, being the best parents we can, having everything we need in prep for baby’s arrival, etc. 

Goals and what I look forward to: Definitely look forward to the ultrasound where we find out the sex of our baby. I look forward to being able to tell everyone and narrow down our list of names! I look forward to new friends, weather, scenery, and a fresh start in Charleston. I am also looking forward to going back to Kansas for a few weeks to spend time with family before we leave for S.Carolina. 


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