Had a fun girls night with Jillian and Aris yesterday! Had mock margaritas, pizza, and cookies! We watched a couple of movies and painted our nails. We laughed and laughed. It was wonderful to get out of the house and go have some fun! 


Today it’s a cold day. The sky is overcast and a storm is coming over the mountains. The grey fades to a light black the closer you turn your eyes to the mountain horizon. I hope we get a doozy. 


I’ve been craving fondue the past few nights. Too bad it costs so much! The Melting Pot costs upwards of $100 by the end of the meal and tip, and homemade fondue is still close to 30 with all the cheese and wine and dipping ingredients. Sam and I are on a new budget to save money for little Gary and we have to cut costs.

Cutting costs isn’t such a bad thing. A person can find out where he or she is over spending and where sacrifices can be made. It is, however, a very nice surprise to splurge once and again.

With baby on the way Sam and I are turning our attention to saving and preparing ourselves. I think if we stick to our budget, it will prove to be a success! 


Off to enjoy the oncoming storm! I only wish we had a back porch and some comfy chairs to snuggle into. I’m already sipping my Christmastime tea (Thanks Mom and Laura!) and under a cozy blanket. 




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