Today was a good day. I got to wake up to my husband still in bed with me! He had to get up extra early and work gate guard duty for a few hours but then came home and crawled back to bed. It was an amazing feeling to turn and see his mouth gaping open, small snoring, and fluffy hair stickin’ out everywhere. 

I got ready and went to the mall to do some window shopping with my friend Aris. It was a nice day! We hadn’t really gotten a chance to hang out before today and wanted to before we leave for SC. We visited all kinds of stores and I (of course) was in love with the majority of the clothes we came across. Some days I wish for a magic money fairy to dump a pile of dough on my doorstep. Oh wait—a magic money fairy does exist…Credit. 

We visited Motherhood Maternity and there were some SUPER cute tops there! I eyed the jeans and pants but didn’t find any I had to have. I saw a lot of pants and shorts with the stretchy fabric belly band and just couldn’t believe that one day (sooner than I think) I might have to wear some of those. Am I really going to get that big? Crazy to think I will! Little one is only about 4 inches right now. And HOW far do we have to go and how much will little one grow?! 



I have to express how thankful I am that the morning sickness has waned. It is such a nice relief to not feel sick to my stomach all the time. I was scared to mention how good I was feeling a couple of weeks ago just because I thought I would jinx myself! But it seems to have stuck. To laugh again makes my heart warm.



Out of curiosity and my quest for more knowledge and confidence, I often check out other people’s birth stories and blogs. I have to wonder how much of my baby’s birth and labor I will remember. It surely will be a memorable experience for both Sam and I but I wonder what my focus will be. 

Delivering in South Carolina with no friends or family nearby will prove to be a bit of a downer. I am so thankful Sam will be able to be here with me and that he won’t (or shouldn’t) be deployed. To have my friends or family in the waiting room or coming in to visit us after delivery would be a wonderful experience. 


Have a wonderful Thursday! I look forward to a bright new day. Sam tests for Staff Sergeant tomorrow morning. I think he is a bit nervous but I have full confidence that he is going to do great. 




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