Bad Parent Rant?

I am a harsh critic. I am a harsh critic on movies, parents, relationships, people, and myself.

Today I was very tired having stayed out til nearly 3am after the Avengers. Sam and I got up around 9 and ran some errands. We then stopped by Smashburger to hang out with a dear friend who was eating his final meal before deploying. 

My mind was wandering and I was people watching.

A family came through the door–a mom and dad with two young sons no older than 6 and 7. The boys came and sat at the table next to where I was sitting and the parents went up to the counter to order food. The boys busied themselves by playing on an ipad.

I watched the parents. Neither the father nor the mother turned around to check on their kids the entire time they were ordering and paying. 

Now, I realize that I am a harsh critic.

I warned you.

It got to the point where I seriously considered kidnapping those boys to teach the parents a lesson (obviously, I wouldn’t actually do something like that). 

I am not a bad person, I promise. However–I think some lessons need to be taught and learned.

The world is not a nice place. One cannot expect every person to have good intentions or speak up against evil or bad men. Why did the parents not check on the kids? Why couldn’t the kids wait patiently with the parents in line? 

I was upset. Still am. Seriously— why don’t parents pay attention and protect their family? Same type of thing made me angry at the bowling alley a month or two ago with the two little girls alone in the bathroom.

I can dream and hope and plan all I want that I’ll be better than that–that I’ll know better than that–that I’ll not make mistakes like that. I cannot be sure that I’ll be any different. BUT I can learn by observation and take note of things that are important to me–like the safety of my child and protecting him/her from all dangers.




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