Week 13 Stats


How Far Along:  13 Weeks.

Baby size and random info: Size of a peach (About 3 inches long). Small bones are forming. Intestines are moving from umbilical cord to body and vocal cords are forming. 

Symptoms: Lower back pain. Nausea. No food cravings but aversions are like second nature to me. Tried to have chicken parmesean last week and couldn’t stomach it–it tasted like egg. Yes. Chicken tasting like egg. Tried to make homemade chicken teriyaki. Same story–tasted like egg. Right now, I can’t handle eggs.

How I’m feeling: Miserable. Absolutely miserable. As I type this, I’m drying my tears from the gross food incident that happened a mere 20 minutes ago (read previous post for story). I’m coughing and trying hard not to cough too hard as my head is already swollen and my chest has pains from it. I’m feeling pretty down right now. Sick. Tired. Hungry. All of the above. However— baby is a champ. No problems with baby or anything wrong that I can feel. My lower belly is expanding! It’s getting hard. I love it—evidence that I REALLY AM pregnant.

Week’s highlights: Olive Garden with Jill. Patio tea and pizza with Debbie and baby gifts from her. Surprise knock on the door from Lynnell with tea for heartburn. 

Boy or Girl? You know what… either. I want a baby. A healthy and happy and sweet baby. I will be overjoyed to find out it’s a girl just as I would a boy. I just want to know!!!

Cravings: As I’ve said, none really. I like my quesadillas and soups. I do have food aversions.   

Worries/Concerns: That this sickness is affecting baby in ways I don’t know. I want to get into the doctor ASAP so I can make sure everything is okay. At the 12 week doppler, doc said that the chances of me miscarrying are reduced to next to nothing, but you never know. I just wanna make sure everything is okay.

Goals and what I look forward to: Getting healthy and positive again. I feel like I’m circling the drain. I look forward to being done with school and getting Sam’s official orders. 


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