Rough Day.

Today was a rough day.

I mean really rough.

I woke up to my own choking and gasping for air. I’ve been struggling with some sort of ear infection/bronchitus type ick that’s been going on for the past 6 days. It has been normal for me to cough and go to bed coughing and wake myself up coughing if I don’t sleep in the right position. 

No fun. My head started pounding from all the coughing. I feel like my head is going to explode in a mad rage. 

I called the OB clinic hoping to get an appointment today. No such luck—phone kept ringing and ringing. I went to school anyway and tried again before my first class. Left a message.

My school presentation went okay. Coughed and sniffled through it, and ACED it. Yay.

Got a call from the triage nurse during my next class. She confirmed my symptoms with me (Coughing, sore swollen throat, chest pain, headache, drainage and stuffiness). She said she’s putting me on code red (whatever that means) and I should expect a call from the nurse immediately to schedule an appointment off base or something since they don’t do acute appointments like mine on Evans Hospital.

It’s been 4 hours and no call. So much for code red. 

I took my final exam in Geography and drove home groggily, pathetically coughing and lurching as I toodled through traffic.

Walked in the door and just stood there while Sam hugged me and kissed me. 

I hadn’t had much to eat all day except some ramen soup bowl, so I went to the pantry and opened the door. I stood there for about 2 minutes just staring. Sam came up behind me and asked what’s wrong. I started crying…wailing–really. “THERE’S NO FOOD HERE.” I started hysterically sobbing. 

He turned me around and hugged me while I cried. 

He laughed and turned me around and showed me that there indeed was food here and in the freezer too, pointing out all the steak and meat we have. I wailed louder “It’S ALL GROSS FOOD.” Continued crying. 


Oh Lord. 


It’s a mix of the pregnancy hormones and sickness, I’ve deemed. My appetite has declined drastically lately because everything we have in the house is just so unhealthy and I don’t want anything. 


Lord help me get better soon. 


That was my rough day. I’m hoping it gets better. 


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