The Negatives of Pregnancy with Questions.

Growing a baby is a noble task.

So is replacing the toilet paper when the roll turns to cardboard.

Some unexpected side effects of pregnancy have plagued me. I am hoping you, my previously-pregnant readers, can help me figure out and relieve. 

1. Constipation: Yes. Had to say it. It is not as bad as it first was a few weeks ago and I’ve adjusted my eating habits. Is it normal to be semi-constipated throughout the pregnancy?

2. Peeing and not peeing all the time: I have not had to pee every ten minutes yet. I know that time will come as the baby grows and puts pressure on my bladder. BUT. I feel like I constantly have a tract infection. I feel as if I have to pee all the time even though I don’t need to (because I just spent 15 minutes in the bathroom trying to pee). Normal?

3. Nausea/Heartburn feeling: Obviously, nausea is a part of the whole morning sickness thing. I’m also talking about the feeling of acid reflux/heartburn feeling coming and going with no connection to food. Normal?

4. Cramping: Cramps! EGAD! Every now and again, I get crampy. I simply attribute it to Little One kicking and moving around. Maybe that’s a better way of thinking of it than what it really is.

5. Realizing what kind of mom I’m gonna be: I have a small dark cloud looming over my head. I have a feeling I am going to be a very protective and obsessive mom. I will have to let go of some things and hold tight to others. I must delegate priorities in my own heart and mind and let my child live for itself, rather than me living for the child with my own wishes.


I have the world’s greatest partner in life. Sam is an absolutely amazing husband. He has been wise beyond his years the 9 years I’ve known him. He is compassionate and loving. He is quick on his feet and is objective in his decisions. He is a wonderful man and I have every confidence that he will be a fantastic father. He is going to love that child more than anything. He will be so excited to teach the baby how to play, build, and work. I respect him for being the father I know he will become.




2 thoughts on “The Negatives of Pregnancy with Questions.

  1. #1- yes, constipation is totally normal. Lots of fruits and veggies and water every day.

    #2- feeling the urge to pee CAN be normal, but infections can cause complications…I’d double check with your dr.

    #3- it took me a long time to figure out my reflux triggers b/c of how it would randomly flare up outta nowhere. Chewing gum helped (increase in saliva neutralizes acid).

    #4- cramping can be totally normal too. Just wait till you hit round ligament pain.

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