12 week doppler

We had the 12 week checkup for the doppler and blood results this morning.

Everything was normal. Little one is one heck of a happy baby with a heart rate of 166. All my blood results came back negative and I’m normal! Who-da-thunk-it?

Methinks I’m getting sick. Had a bad sore throat yesterday and woke up with it worse today. I feel so lethargic. I’m stuffy and my throat is closing. Woe is me! I see the dying light! Naw…seriously though. I feel horrid. I’m headed back to bed.

I’m so thankful everything came back normal on my blood results! Yay for happy baby!


2 thoughts on “12 week doppler

  1. You’ll hate me for saying it, but one of the old wives tales says boys have lower heart rates (Ash was usually in the 140’s) and girls have faster…. Just sayin’, 166 is fast.

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