Week 12 Stats


How Far Along: 12 Weeks.

Baby size and random info: 2.5 to 3 inches long! Little one can swallow and the systems are still forming at a rate behind the brain. Hands are done forming and fingernails are growing. Baby looks like a little human (if we could see it!). Chin and nose are defined. 

Symptoms: I’ve been getting hot realllllllly quickly. Spent some of the weekend outside at a birthday party and had to leave to go find a cool dark spot to calm my body down. Still a bit nauseated but only about 20% of what I used to be. Yes—nausea is slowly subsiding! Still don’t feel 100% but it’s better than needing or wanting to throw up all the time. Lower belly expanding and I can feel my softball sized uterus. Lower back pain. 

How I’m feeling: Pretty good. Tired and a bit nauseated but okay. I’m eager to be done with this semester at school so my stress level can drop! Also feeling blessed to be pregnant…such a change for Sam and me.

Week’s highlights: Went back to Kansas to try to tag our car (didn’t happen..Kansas is goofy when it comes to out of state/military registration). Went to a few birthday parties. Had Hibachi and it was delicious. 

Boy or Girl? Like a broken record, I’ll keep repeating. Boy. 

Cravings: No cravings. However, I’ve come to really enjoy quesadillas. I’m sad though about my lack of enthusiasm towards eggs. I love scrambled eggs and breakfast burritos but at the thought of eating one, I cringe. Sad!   

Worries/Concerns: The 2 week follow up for my blood glucose test and doppler is this wednesday morning. I’m hoping everything came out normal so I don’t have to do the test again. I’d drink that orange stuff all day but wouldn’t like to have blood taken again. Yes, Sam got orders to South Carolina but he has to complete some paperwork before his official orders come to him. This means plans could change…so we aren’t feeling too comfortable relishing the fact we are transferring bases until we get that official paperwork in hand.

Goals and what I look forward to: Excited to hear how my blood results came back and to hear baby on the doppler! I’ve got my chamber orchestra concert tonight at my school and finals week is next week. I’m itching to find out the sex of little one! We’ll have our whole lives to cherish little one, but I want to find out now! Impatient? You bet ya. Think of it more as being overly excited and wanting to plan.

This week was just a horrible week for me updating.I have been so busy. One of my stress release outlets is to blog and write and I just didn’t do it. I’m happy to be settled back in and writing. 

I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving. Friends and family are supporting Sam and me by giving us and little one gifts. This weekend was a big weekend for gifts and I am just in awe of the love that people have for out little one. I am so thankful and happy. I can’t express it enough.


Thanks to my cousin Brad and Kristi for the wonderful gifts!Thanks to Jennifer for the bouncy chair! 


The giraffe makes such great soothing sounds..I’m gonna use it for myself!!




Thanks to my mom for all the amazing gifts– the bassinet is so cute! She’ll be sewing a well fitting cover for it! 


Too cute not to love…


Burp rags! Clean baby stuff! Monitors!




Thanks to my Aunt Donna for the Diaper Genie!!! 


My mom also ordered Little One a crib, swing, and a baby food steamer and maker. Baby can eat, swing, and sleep now. 🙂






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