Week 11 Stats


How Far Along: 11 Weeks.

Baby size and random info: Baby is 2 inches big! Holy moses… Forming more fingernails and ovaries (if it’s a little girl). No more webbed feet or hands! GOT FINGERS NOW! 

Symptoms: Looking back on this week, pretty okay week. Nauseated still, tired and lethargic. I generally go to sleep earlier than I used to! Definitely thirsty–drinking a lot more water. Breaking out in my face. I can feel my lower abdomen expanding and feeling hard (is that the right word?) Little one is growing!!

How I’m feeling: Feelin’ okay. Obviously not 100%, but okay. More positive about the pregnancy and eager to see results. 

Week’s highlights: A good Dr. Appointment on Wednesday , finally completing blood glucose test, and FINDING OUT WE ARE MOVING TO SOUTH CAROLINA! Getting to see little one on the ultrasound was awesome…we could make out teeth buds and it has grown so much since our first ultrasound!

Boy or Girl? Still hopin’ for a boy. Just because we’re wanting a boy, we’ll probably get a girl. Oh God, you are a funny creator, no?

Cravings: No cravings. Been enjoying soft foods like pudding and jello!

Worries/Concerns: Hrm. Just wanting to know how my blood tests came out. Got some stress at school and thinking about moving causes a little bit of stress too, but nothing baby related as of now! 

Goals and what I look forward to: Spending more time with Sam. This week is his last week of sick leave for his broken pinky. It’s been AMAZING to have him home helping me clean, volunteering to do things for me, and just to be around him. Looking forward to my first chamber orchestra concert as well! 


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