South Carolina Bound

Sam got the job!

We had just gotten out of baby’s appointment and were sitting down at Drifters Hamburgers for lunch. I was mid-sentence talking about something and then he just holds up his phone to me with an e-mail that said “Congratulations!  This is to notify you of your selection for a Permanent Change of Duty Station (PCS).”

I couldn’t believe it! I started laughing and saying “Are you serious?!” He just nodded and smiled. I asked him why he wasn’t more excited and I was jumpin’ up and down in my seat. SO exciting.

We will move in early August. Holy moly, that’s soon. We’ll have to transfer baby’s info and all my info to a new doctor in Charleston. It won’t be bad but just different.

We can’t believe it. We’ve been here in Colorado for nearly 5 years and we are finally getting out of here! We always said this base was the black hole of the universe! Even so, we made it out.


A beach versus mountains. Can’t wrap my mind around it.


With all the excitement, we’re a little bummed. We will be moving 2 months before the due date and that means we won’t be near family or friends for the birth and after. It is bittersweet. I suppose that’s what pictures, facebook, and skype are for–no?


The last time I was in South Carolina was for a 2 month summer missionary project in my Junior year of high school. I found my diary from that summer and read it this afternoon. I talked vastly of missing Sam, the humidity, and running on the beach. It brought back great memories. I read about all the support I had from friends and family–the letters, the care packages, the phone calls. It was a hard time for me to be away from Sam and the comforts of home, but it was a time of great learning and stretching for me. 

I remember the area being so green and lush (I was in Hilton Head Island which is about 2 hrs south of Charleston). It was as humid as a sauna but often rained and smelled so dirt-y and wonderful. I remember going on runs down dirt roads lined with large looming trees and some runs on the beach with waves and big open sky above. One day, we took a road trip to Charleston and I remember the tall, old, downtown buildings shmooshed together paving narrow curving streets. I loved it. 



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