Glucose Testing

We had our 10 week checkup today with the full blown-in depth-get to know ya exam.

Afterwards, Ms. Altenburg (the midwife attending) discussed some pregnancy topics and answered our questions. She asked me about my labwork (and lack thereof) and asked if I’d stay after and take them today. I agreed.

I first had to do a blood prick to see how my blood sugar was even before the test. 82. Is that good? I have no clue….Either way, they sent me to the main office to grab one of two flavor choices of the glucola drink. I could have lemon-lime (to which the man offering wrinkled his nose) or the orange one. I chose orange.

Oh boy, was I dreading this!! I imagined the glucose drink to be some sort of thick orange chalky syrup with a bitter taste. I opened up the orange bottle, preparing myself for the worst. I smelled…and the lovely smell of flat orange soda! 

I took a sip and actually enjoyed it. It was so tasty. I drank it down and had to wait an hour.

I was then called back and Sam was kind enough to stay by my side. I don’t like getting poked and have had bad experiences with giving blood back in high school. She pricked me and started taking blood. When she saw I was lookin’ a bit nervous, she started talking to me about baby and our future. She was such a sweetheart for distracting me!! 

We left after she finished and ate at Drifters Hamburgers.

It’s been a really good day so far, overall! 




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