Hope for a move



What a goof! I’m amazed at his skills in making me laugh.


We’ve been stationed here in Colorado Springs for 4.5 years. Colorado is a really great place to live! It’s a bit dry but the scenery is phenomenal.

Sam enjoys his job but thirsts for something more. A job opening (multiple positions) came up in a Combat Camera Squadron in Charleston South Carolina. 






Sam would be maintaining the equipment and setting up communications for those cameramen and the station in SC receiving the photos and video. Yes, he could go on small deployments (2-3 weeks long each) about 5 to 7 times a year. So…less than 6 month deployments but spread out more in manageable increments. 

He went into work today to finish building his volunteer package for this position. The people organizing the recruitment say that they have had a lot of applicants but that most don’t meet the requirements, i.e, being at 1 base for 4 or more years and having excellent PT (physical training) scores. Sam has been stationed here for 4.5 years and he has received 95-97% on his past few PT scores. He would be a great candidate! 

We are very hopeful. The closing date to volunteer for this position is tomorrow, Wednesday April 11th. The recruiter said they would be making their choices tomorrow. 


That soon?! 

We will be notified with a negative or a positive on the position. We are hoping to hear back before friday…wouldn’t that be a great way to start the weekend?

If it’s a positive, we would need to report to South Carolina before 14 August of this year. 



It would be bittersweet to move so far away from both family and friends especially in my 6th month of pregnancy. Now, it just takes a 6 hour drive to Kansas and we’re home with family. If we move, we’d not be able to visit and using technology would become a must to stay in contact with growing little one and family. 

Sam and I are ready for change. We have been here for 4.5 years and wouldn’t mind seeing a different part of the country. We’re the type of people who are flexible and embrace change pretty readily. I think it’d be a great new experience for us. We are very hopeful and anxious to find out whether he got the position. 

In the past, we’ve put in our base of preference and Sam has tried to take other volunteer jobs with no avail. We’ve been tossed around by the Air Force a few times, on the verge of being kicked out and the like. I’m the type of person to latch onto news quickly and emotionally, so I’ve been hurt a few times in getting my hopes up so high just to see them not come to pass. I’m hopeful for this job opening for Sam but also restraining from too much excitement, as I don’t want to be too disappointed. 

Still… it’s exciting! 


Of course, I’ll update as soon as I can about whether he got the job. 


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