Week 10 Stats


How Far Along: 10 short weeks

Baby size and random info: 1 1/4 inch long. Development continues! Vital organs are complete and starting to function. Nerves, peach fuzz hair, and little fingernails forming too! 

Symptoms: Have my good and bad days. Most of the time, still feel nauseated/seasick. A little dizzy. Lately, I think acid reflux is taking over–generally just feeling icky after eating or drinking anything. 

How I’m feeling: Sickly. Moody. Hobbling around the house and when we go out. Feel out of it. Excited though, to know that little one is developing and that we’ll have a dear one in our arms later this year. Wondering what kinds of things we’ll struggle with as new parents and preparing myself for the lack of sleep and probable constant crying.  

Week’s highlights: Game night with friends. Sam finally getting surgery done on his pinky. Receiving herbal tea and other gifts from Lynnell. Getting a good grade on my geography test.

Boy or Girl? Would love to find out YESTERDAY!! Hoping still for a boy.

Cravings: Still have general feelings of icky-ness towards all food, fruits or veggies, and drinks. Acid reflux? No major cravings. 

Worries/Concerns: Just wondering if baby has received all the nutrients it needs in the past few weeks with me throwing up all the time and being so sick. I’d like to find out how to get to feeling halfway decent. I’ll talk to my midwife at the appointment this week.

Goals and what I look forward to: Bundles for Babies (baby class) on Wednesday as well as our baby appointment that morning. Hearing back about Sam’s job prospect in South Carolina. Baking a cake for a friend. 


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