Sippin’ and Trippin’

It’s a cool night. 

Sam and I have just returned from playing Settlers of Catan with two of our couple – friends. 

He is working on the computer and I am sitting here at my laptop on the couch.

I’ve got a steaming cup of herbal pregnancy tea to my left (Thank you for the tea, Lynnell!) and some water to my right.

If it’s not one thing in pregnancy that’s bothering me, it’s another.

First it was nausea. 

Nausea subsided. 

Then came the constipation and bloating and cramps.

Then came the aversion to all foods. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still eat. Food is merely mush to me to get nutrients to the baby and to myself.

Let me tell ya—pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Really, it is. However, it is also an ugly thing. It is like an initiation into every health issue you could possibly have. 

My cramping and bloating have reared up again after only a day of relief. I am deflated about it. 

I can look forward to another week of misery. 

Little one growing inside is such a blessing. I find myself momentarily relieved from all the stress and body pain when I look at Sam and see him smiling and laughing. I know our child will be a happy one. Our child will be a handsome one. Our baby is going to be such a joy to our life together. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end and I will have forgotten about all this temporary distress when we see our little one for the first time. I am also sure that right now, I don’t like the side effects.


Our friend Lynnell and her husband Josh gave Sam and me a goody bag tonight full of diapers, safety locks, pregnancy tea, and a fun novelty gift for little one. It’s such a joy to have friends willing to share and give from their hearts! 


A midst all my internal pregnancy pain right now, I am so thankful for the life I have–a loving husband, two fun and goofy dogs to play with, friends and family to lean on, and a warm bed in which to lay. There are many things to be thankful for.

Prayer requests:

Sam and my development into parents

My ‘health issues’

Sam and my emotional states

Baby’s growth and development and future.

Possible chance of getting relocated to South Carolina

My stress. 


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