Week 9 Stats


How Far Along: 9 Weeks

Baby size and random info: Little one is the size of a green olive! About .9 inches long. It has now made it’s first graduation: Graduation into fetus-hood! Muscles are forming, the heart is finishing dividing into 4 chambers, and eyes are fully formed (though eyelids are fused shut til about 27 weeks). Earlobes, nostrils, and ears are distinguishable and the sex organs are there (though we won’t be able to see for a few more weeks!).

Symptoms: The good: FEELING pregnant– knowing there is a little bean inside of me! The bad: Tired a lot. The Ugly: Bloated. Constipated (and all the goodies that come with that). Nauseated STILL even though I’m on zofran. 

How I’m feeling: Feeling disconnected. Nauseated still, which is frustrating. The Zofran was really kickin’ in and making me feel so much better and now a week later I feel as if it barely does anything. I’m struggling to get through the day, yet again, even on medication. Bland foods don’t help. I sleep and that’s when I feel okay. I feel really guilty about not keeping up with my friends and not hanging out with them. I have been so sick and icky feeling, so moody because of that, I don’t want to leave the house. 

Other than the bad stuff, it is starting to kick in that I’m pregnant–that in 7 months I’ll have a little one in my arms. 

Week’s highlights: Sam telling me how much more he loves me and finds me sexy because I’m carrying his baby. That just about made me cry. Debbie-Mom purchased a stroller, carseat, and pack and play for little one. Mom sent me a cute fox shirt and receiving blankets. Seeing little one on the ultrasound. Temporary relief from nausea.

Boy or Girl? Hoping for Blue.

Cravings: Been wanting eggrolls. LOVE me some eggrolls. I do, however, have aversions to EVERYTHING. Nothing sounds appetizing to me and nothing I eat tastes good to me. In general, my aversions are everything. I don’t mind cranberry sauce, fruit cocktail, applesauce, pudding, or cereal. 

Worries/Concerns: Blood glucose test. Haven’t taken it yet because I’ve been so sick. Hoping to take it soon and get it over with. 

Goals and what I look forward to: Our 11 week Appointment is in a week and a half. Bundles for Babies on Base is coming up. Sam is looking into a new job opportunity that would take us to South Carolina by August of this year. Lots of things going on.


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